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Rules of Play

League Operating Rules

The North York Women's Softball League rules of play are in alignment with those set forth by Softball Canada and the Provincial Women's Softball Association (PWSA). Below are our "rules of play" that govern the standard operating procedures for league operations.

Standard Operating Procedures

League Play

1. Softball Canada and PWSA playing rules will apply

Exception In all Divisions

·Re-entry rule will be waived in the case of injury for all league and play-off games.

·Unlimited substitution is allowed and all batters will bat.

2.  All participating teams must affiliate with the PWSA and may only be registered with ONE league.

3.  League approval must be obtained for two Associations to combine players to play in the North    York Women's Softball League.  (ie) in order to field a team due to lack of numbers in a particular age group.

4.  Minimum of THREE teams to comprise a Division

5.  League feels to be determined annually at the Annual meeting based on cost of play-offs and awards.  Deadline date for team entries and entry fee payment will be April 20th of each year.

6.  A copy of the approved PWSA Team Registration Certificate must be submitted to your Divisional Convenor not later than July 1st.

7.  Scheduled League games to commence, at the latest, the week following the Victoria Day Weekend.

8.  Home team to provide one new and one good used softball for games.

9.  Home team shall provide two umpires, preferable two carded but at least one carded plate umpire.

10.  All games to be 7 (seven) innings or curfew, and ties to be played out if time permits. No new inning to start after 1 hour 45 minutes maximum in all Divisions.

11.  Acceptable reasons for rescheduling games up until June 30th, are group functions at school, Girl Guides etc. After June 30th, only rained out games should need to be rescheduled. Rained out games must be rescheduled with 7(seven) days and the Convenor notified.

12.  Any team may borrow up to a maximum of THREE players for League games only. The scorebook to indicate borrowed players. Players must be borrowed from a lower classification.

13.  Protest from League games to be ruled on by three League Officers or three persons appointed by the Chairperson. Any appeals or questions should be directed to your Divisional Convenor. If Convenors need assistance and guidance on any matter, they shall contact the Chairperson.

14.  Members/Associations of any team that fails to meet League obligations but not limited to attendance at the Annual meeting, scheduled meetings, special meetings and game commitments will be subject to the following fines:

·         ·First Offence …………….$50.00.

·         ·Second Offence………..$100.00.

·         ·Third Offence ………….$150.00.

After the Third Offence, the Member/Association will be required to go before the League Executive. Each fine must be paid before the team can participate in any further League activity. It is the obligation of the offended team to report the breach to the Convenor within 24 hours (or be subject to the same penalties) for it to be acted upon.

15.  A League Scheduler shall be appointed by the Members/ Associations and the Scheduler will be compensated with an honorarium as agreed to by the Scheduler and League Executive.

16.  Any Association representing a team that does not give 24 hours notice (excluding weather related) to allow cancellation of umpires will be responsible for the remuneration of such umpires’ fees and will have to compensate the home team or the Association for the full amount. The Association who cancels a game is also responsible for notifying their Divisional Convenor

Duties of the Executive

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