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Rules of Play

League Play Rules

The North York Women's Softball League rules of play are in alignment with those set forth by Softball Canada and the Provincial Women's Softball Association (PWSA). From time to time we make minor revisions to the rules to accommodate the league memberships desire to balance fair play and competition. Those modifications occur at the Annual General Meetign each January for the coming season. Changes and updates are listed below. All rules from previous years apply unless changed in future years.

Changes for 2018

Regular season game duration

Motion: Shannon Post. Seconded by Dan Hale. Passed unanimously

  • Implement rule for 1:45 minute drop-dead time limit for games at all age levels. Final scores revert to last full inning played.
  • Coaches are expected to use good sportsmanship. Extending game time is permitted if agreeable by both parties at start of game. Otherwise rule is enforced. Coaches need to avoid delay of game tactics to manipulate the final outcome.
Regular season game formats: 5 run max/inning, open last inning
Home team determination for year end play-offs
Borrowing of players for regular season and play-offs
Disciplinary protocol, may require a committee
Timing of playoffs

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